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Can you believe that I went from using carrd to make websites, transferring them to neocities and configuring it to independently make my own websites, well.. welcome to my site, i'm sealzie, and this is my imagination house, in here i make a lot of things , this is like my 2nd house!, i started making websites on janurary 2024, yes, it's like something dumb, but, i like to make websites!, is one thing than make's me feel special!, i really like to program and make the things i like, i hope you like my website, my website is dedicated to people than likes pink, colorfull things, rainbows and nolstalgia! i wish to have a big public in my website, is really cute and beautiful to see how people loves my site!

thank you for visiting my house!

note: in the website are secrets hiding somewhere and references of "sealzie's birthday party"

The current mood of sealzie at

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NOTE: i have problems to at the tip button in neocities, idk why, but, i can't, so i need to add my paypal page in here to accept donations 💔 It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

D . N . I:

basic dni criteria, 18+, gore, comshippers and proshippers or lolicon and shotacon, toxic people, anti-palestine, israel supporters (dni and leave please D:)

B. Y. I:

i'm a little sensitive, i like to sleep with a lot of blankets, sometimes idk how to express my slf, i don't understand some things and some words, so if i ask what does one word mean, you can explain it me to me :3


sanrio fans, cute websites, pixels, kawaii community, japanese culture, idk, something than haves art and stuff.

m y l i t t l e T V : 3

hello !, it's me, sealzie! , this is a little page of some interactive activities from other websites , like, dessing up, or making drawwings, nothing so interesting but just funny things to interact and that :D , i'm working hard to make the website more cute!!!!! stay pending for any update


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