My name is sealzie, i live in my house with my family, i don't do too much things , but, i love making crafts and making drawings! i eat a lot , :3, but i sleep too, and play with my small plushies, they are my best friends :3 , i have 6 cats, i love them, but, but some don't like me D'': , but the rest, like me, i live in the town, i really want to live in a forest, but, possibly in a future Sometimes I tend to be a little annoying , I talk a lot about the topics that interest me, like my favorite television series, my tastes, colors, painting, etc. or me, in general, and I like everything that has to do with the tender and colorful, I love it, I simply adore it, I am a little sensitive, I don't like loud noises, lightning, being yelled at or being told things that don't make me feel good, and i cry A LOT, so please avoid that, I have a giant stuffed animal of a dinosaur, it's called Welchys, it's big, I'm 1.61 cm tall, it reaches my legs, I always sleep with it, it's my comfort stuffed animal, I adore it,

i kin pinkie pie from mlp , zim from invader zim , gir from invader zim , bluey from bluey , bingo from bluey , usahana from USAHANA yamemiru ballerina , and fluttershy from mlp ,

My favorite subject of school is artistic, I simply love the subject, it is very pretty, I love the realistic drawings that the teacher makes us do, making different types of patterns, etc. my classroom get surprised of how I draw, and sometimes they ask me to do their work LOL , I live in Honduras, I speak Spanish and English , I'm still learning English, I don't know some words, so if I ask what a word means, it would be very kind if you could explain it to me !





berries & oranges